Silk Bedding Direct Bedding Set Review

Silk duvet set on a bed.

Silk Bedding Direct recently offered to send me a luxury 100% mulberry silk-filled bedding set for review on Leovan Design. The bedding set arrived within a week of being ordered. I am really impressed with the quality of the set and how luxurious and soft it feels.

Silk Bedding Direct is a premier mulberry silk-filled bedding specialty brand based out of the UK, founded by current president Andrew Clarke. Mr. Clarke takes pride in the quality of the products offered by Silk Bedding Direct and guarantees that all products purchased from Silk Bedding Direct are made of high quality materials, produced to international standards and are the best in their class in terms of quality and workmanship. Silk Bedding Direct offers luxury mulberry silk-filled duvets, mattress toppers, and pillows. They make high quality products made from 100% natural long-strand mulberry silk.

Let me share with you my experience with the Simply Bedding Direct bedding set:

The silk bedding set arrived in a convenient high quality carrying cases that will protect your set when it is being moved, or stored away and not being used. The mattress topper, duvets and pillows are filled with hypoallergenic top grade 100% natural long-strand mulberry silk and nothing else. The casings for all three products are made of deluxe 300 thread count fine cotton satin. 

Silk duvet inspection zip.

On the mattress topper, duvets and pillows there is an inspection zip where you can feel and see the wonderfully soft mulberry silk inside. The mulberry silk is unbelievably smooth and soft. The set I received contained the summer and fall duvets, which can be easily clipped together using an easy clip system to create a winter warmth duvet; giving you three duvets for the price of two which you can use all year round.

Silk duvet easy clip.

Mulberry Silk is a luxurious material with many benefits. This bedding set is light and comfortable and helps keep your body at a consistent sleeping temperature. The silk breathes and allows excess heat and moisture to escape if you become too hot but retains heat on colder nights to keep you warm. Simply Bedding Direct achieves this consistent temperature with their product by hand stretching and hand sewing the mulberry silk to help maintain the necessary volume of air within the silk. This prevents the silk from moving and helps to regulate a consistent comfortable sleeping temperature in any season.

After using this bedding set for one month I have noticed I am getting more relaxing sleeps. The natural properties of mulberry silk helps to promote a more restful sleep and it's a good choice for bedding if you suffer from insomnia. The pillows are of medium firmness and are reminiscent of pillows you would find in a high quality hotel room. If you suffer from neck or shoulder tightness you will find these deluxe pillows very comfortable to sleep on. 

The duvets are luxurious to the touch and keep your body at just the right temperature as you sleep. The duvets in this set are light, very comfortable and wrap around your body like no other duvet I have tried in the past. The mattress topper is very comfortable to sleep on and seems to be very durable. A satin sleeve is fitted around all sides of the topper insuring there is little movement and it stays securely in place.

I have environmental allergies and I am very selective with the type of bedding materials I use. I had no allergy issues while using this bedding set as mulberry silk bedding has anti-microbial properties and is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to bed bugs and dust mites. My hair and skin felt healthier while sleeping on this bedding set. Mulberry silk naturally contains the hydrophilic protein sericin, which is rich in amino acids, and is known to improve skin appearance and elasticity. 

OEKO-TEXT Standard 100 Label.

All bedding products from silk Bedding Direct are 100% chemical free and have the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 “Confidence in Textiles” certification label. Products with the OEKO-TEX® label are certified to be free from any harmful toxins or chemicals. This bedding set is easy to maintain with normal usage and would only require to be aired out outside on a sunny day for a few hours to enhance the silks natural properties and to make it feel like new again.

I found this bedding set to be very comfortable to sleep on and it’s been a pleasure testing this product out. I’m very impressed with the high quality of this silk bedding set. Once you have slept on mulberry silk bedding you will not want to use any other type of bedding again. 

With offices and warehouses in the US, Canada, Australia, and Spain, Silk Bedding Direct provides fast worldwide deliver of their products by courier service. Orders are usually shipped on the same or next day. To purchase one of these beautiful silk bedding sets or other high quality bedding products you can visit the Silk Bedding Direct website.  As a bonus for a limited time, Leovan Design readers get to save an extra 10% by using promo code SLEEPWELL10 at the checkout. Additional savings are made by ordering as a set compared to ordering items individually even at sale prices. Sleep well be well!!!



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