Kitchen Feng Shui Tips

Modern feng shui kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of your home and one of feng shui’s most important rooms. The Kitchen in feng shui represents nourishments and prosperity. It’s where families gather to eat and prepare their meals. Feng shui in the kitchen improves our quality of life and creates a harmonious, happy, wealthy and healthy home.

Here are some feng shui tips to create a wealthy, healthy and happy kitchen for your family:

  • Use the five feng shui elements of nature (water, fire, earth, wood and metal) in different combinations and forms in your kitchen; to create a healthy, wealthy and balanced kitchen.
  • Keep your kitchen clean, welcoming, bright and well ventilated.
  • Make sure your kitchen has several levels of lighting (ambient, task and accent lighting).

Modern feng shui kitchen

  • Try to put up a stylish screen or a beaded curtain to obscure the view of your kitchen; if the kitchen is visible from your home’s entryway. Add Malachite crystals to your beaded curtain; to promote a constant flow of renewing energy in your home.
  • Don’t place two opposing elements such as fire (stove) and water (sink) opposite each other or directly next to each other. This placement will invite negative energy to your home.
  • Keep in mind the kitchen triangle (sink, stove, and refrigerator) if you are designing a new kitchen. The kitchen workstation or kitchen triangle helps keep good energy flowing while your are cooking and keeps the positive energy high in your kitchen.

Kitchen triangle options

  • Find a way to balance fire and water feng shui elements by adding another feng shui elements between them such as a wood or metal element.
  • Proper placement of your stove (fire element) will provide you with good luck, prosperity and will protect your health.
  • Keep the stove away from your kitchen window. This placement allows the good Chi energy from your stove to escape and flow out the window.
  • Don’t place the stove under ceiling beams; It causes work stress and poor health. Flat ceilings are better for good feng shui.

  • Try to avoid placing a cooker directly underneath a skylight.
  • Put a mirror, mosaic backsplashes, or a reflective metal backsplash behind the stove or a shiny tea kettle on the stove so the chef can see what is going on behind her/him; if the stove is positioned in way where you cook with your back to the door.
  • Add any shade of yellow in your kitchen. Yellow colors lighten up any home and create a cozy and welcoming feeling.
  • Keep knives in a drawer or in a knife block to prevent disturbing the positive energy in your kitchen and to reduce disagreements between members of your family.

Modern feng shui kitchen with light color cabinetry.

  • Keep the outside of your refrigerator clear and clean.
  • Keep the broom and the wastebasket out of sight in the kitchen. Hide the trash and the recycling bin in a cabinet under the sink.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaners in your kitchen rather than products with harsh chemicals.
  • Keep the pantry and cabinet doors closed at all times.

  • De-clutter and clean your kitchen to make it organized and also to promote vitality and health.
  • Add some life to your kitchen and create positive energy by adding flowers, a bowl of fruits or a pot of herbs.
  • Place nine oranges in a bowl in your kitchen. They bring good luck energy into the kitchen.

Modern feng shui kitchen with dark color cabinetry.

  • Add metal elements such as white plates to balance the energy; if you have lots of wood elements in your kitchen design.
  • Prevent financial loss in your home by tying a red ribbons around the pipe underneath your kitchen sink. 
  • Keep your kitchen shiny and clean for the best possible energy.
  • Avoid a layout where a bedroom faces your kitchen if you are building a new home. This layout does not promote good health in feng shui.
  • Avoid a layout where a kitchen faces a bathroom if you are building a new home. This layout does not promote good financial fortune in feng shui.

Use the principles of feng shui to create a kitchen that reflects your personality and your style. Feng shui in the kitchen creates a harmonious room layout, nourishes your health, improves your wealth and increases positive energy in your home. 



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