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Diana H Chedrawy Consultation

Good design is not about spending a lot of money; it is about creating a home that reflects your style and your personality” says Diana Hadchity Chedrawy. 

Leovan Design offers online interior design consultations. Online consultations are a convenient option for clients who are not in a location for full service design, or for clients who like do-it-yourself projects with personalized and affordable guidance from a professional. With an online interior design consultation, you will get the benefit of expert recommendations for your interior design project without the cost of a full service designer. We will design your space based on your interior design style, room dimensions, functional needs, and budget.

Online Design Consultation Services:

1- Express Online Consultation 

Express online consultation is for clients that have one question and are looking for a quick solution. Questions can be about choosing the right color palette, lighting fixtures, accessories, window treatments, furniture, or flooring options. 

2- Color Scheme Online Consultation 

We can help you select the right color scheme for the interior or exterior of your home that reflects your lifestyle, and your home architectural design. Based on photos of your home, we will assist you in selecting the right color palette that complements and is in harmony with your home’s current interior design space. 

3- Furniture Layout Online Consultation 

We will provide you with layout options if you are looking to redesign a room in your home with your current or new furniture for a better look and feel. This option will make your room look more spacious and comfortable. 

4- Home Staging Online Consultation 

For homeowners or realtors who want to prepare their home for the home selling process. We can help you make immediate changes to get your home ready for sale. Our home staging consultation will make your home look attractive, functional, and highlight its best features.  

Pricing will vary depending on the service selected and the complexity of your request. All services are paid for via PayPal. Once we have received payment we will begin working on your project. Simply email us at with your request and provide us with any pictures, measurements or any additional information that will help us assist you better.

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