Top Tips for Choosing the Right City Before You Move

San Francisco skyline at sunset.

For many, moving to a new state, province or county is a huge step to take in their life. This is a time that should be cherished but includes a lot of obstacles to navigate. You may not have a new city in mind yet. It’s never too early to get started on thinking of your dream town. 

Before finding your city, determine if you are feasibly going to be able to complete this move. This will take research and effort. You will need money saved and money coming in and time to plan your move.

Local Schools for Kids

If you have a family or are planning to have a family, schools are always a priority. Even if your kids are not so little and are adventuring off to a far away college, maybe you will decide to move to where the college is located so that you can be closer to them. However, I’m sure most college students shudder at the thought. Whatever your reason may be for moving with your kids, it’s essential to research schools for your new hometown. Maybe your career is taking you to a specific area but usually, you can live within a certain region. For your children, a high-rated school is so vital to a bright future.There are plenty of research tools available online to find information on your new local districts. 

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Any quick steps of buying a house search can provide you with demographic and economic statistics reflective of the market in your new hometown. Additionally, most sites will provide you with a grade or score for the schools within your radius. This is helpful so that you can narrow down the options further and research those schools individually. Our kids are the future and it’s important to be able to provide them with the best opportunities you can.


Whether you are moving for work or not, you’re going to need to work wherever you are headed to. Depending on your expertise, you may have to leave your home and commute each day. If so, take into consideration your costs for commuting to and from your workplace. As discussed many times before, the overall market can get quite volatile depending on all types of world events. Currently, the price of gas has been rising to rates similar to those in the housing crash of 2008. 

This is a huge burden for travelers right now and may play an important role in picking a certain location over another. This could be a balancing act for saving money on traveling to and from work and staying within a preferred school district. These are all important when considering moving to a new city. You must keep in mind that markets change even from city to city or town to town. 

New City Living

Once you have done your balancing between the two items above and you have established that you can afford to live in your selected new town, you will want to at least visit your new home once. Plan your trip as far in advance as you can, before you start looking for homes to purchase

Austin Texas skyline at sunset.

Don’t waste time looking at homes in a location that you may end up hating. Yeah, Austin, Texas seems amazing but being from the Northeastern part of the United States, what do I know about Texas? If I was serious about that location, my most immediate next step would be to plan a trip there. Once you get to your potential city, walk the streets and stroll the sidewalks of where you might be living. Meet as many people as you can and visit local shops and other amenities. You can gauge if this new town is somewhere you and your family will feel comfortable. 

Additionally, keep in mind what services you may need to live close to. If you take care of your elderly parents, maybe you need to make sure you are within a certain distance of the hospital. Or maybe you want to be able to walk to the park with your kids or the family dog. The visit is necessary and will be a great benefit to helping you decide on your new city.



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