Elements of Landscape Design

Landscaping is a combination of art, science and creativity. The elements of landscape design are the creative characteristics and one of the building blocks in planning an outdoor space.

There are five elements in landscape design:

Color - The use of color is a vital part of designing an enjoyable and attractive outdoor living space. It’s important to use a color scheme that complements the color of your home. Use colorful patterns that gradually move through the color spectrum without using too many different colors. When choosing your shrubs, plants and flowers: consider the combination of colors, the type (perennial or annual), the timing of blooms and their duration. This will create visual interest throughout the year and will add accent colors to your landscape design in all seasons.

Form - The form and shape of plants, shrubs and trees you select are important elements of your landscape design. Plants come in many different sizes and forms. To create natural patterns, select a variety of plants that have an interesting shape, form and texture.

Line - Lines are used to direct physical movement, to draw your eye towards a focal point or to separate areas of the garden. Whether curved or straight the form of a line creates a sense of direction and movement; the eye automatically follows a garden line, whether it is the curve of a flowerbed, or the edge of a walkway.

Texture - Plant texture is the feel (to the touch) and the look of the surface area of a plant. Texture can add emotion and mood to a landscape design. Leaves, flowers, and stems all have texture. Some plants have a fine and smooth textured surface while others are rough and coarse. You should use plants with different textures to create harmony in your landscape design; smooth and fine textured plants should be used to balance coarse textured plants and trees.

Scale - Scale is the relative size of one element of a landscape design and it's surrounding spaces. Your landscape design should be relative in size and balanced with the objects surrounding it to create a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living space.

Use the elements and the principles of landscape design to create a landscape that is attractive, appealing and aesthetically pleasing.

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