Contemporary Interior Design Style

Contemporary Interior Design Style Kitchen

Contemporary interior design style makes a space feel comfortable and welcoming without being dark and cluttered. It conveys modernity and style.The form and shape of the furniture used are the most important elements when designing a contemporary space. 

The Contemporary style is represented by clean lines, open modern spaces, and accents in bold shades. This style is equally appropriate for offices, homes, and stores.

Contemporary Interior Design Style Living Room

Here are some of the elements used in the contemporary design style:

  • Materials used in the contemporary style are stone (marble, granite, quartz), and glass.
  • Gray, black, red, blue, and white are the most common colors used in the contemporary design style, with bold colored accents and accessories.
  • High ceilings and large uncovered windows.
  • Bold accent colors in the form of an accent wall or in accessories.

Contemporary Interior Design Style Kitchen

  • Accent details such as pillows or a rug.
  • Geometric floor coverings.
  • Large-scale artwork.
  • Floors are usually tile, stone, or polished concrete.

  • Furniture pieces are in solid color fabrics and clean lines.
  • Light colored woods with flat, plain, and varnished surfaces. 
  • Textured textiles in natural fabrics to add interest to a room.
  • Metallic materials are reflected in furnishings, appliances, accessories, hardware, and light fixtures such as stainless steel, chrome, and brushed nickel.

Contemporary Interior Design Style Accessories

  • Unique furniture form and shape.
  • Carved details, fringes, ruffles, or floral prints are not present in the contemporary design style. 

Recognizing the elements of the contemporary design style in the living room pictured below:

Contemporary Interior Design Style Living Room

This contemporary living room has clean lines that are simple yet bold. The distinct colorful furniture used stands out on its own, yet is in harmony with the neutral colored walls and warm hardwood floor. Each piece of furniture is spaced to be noticed on its own, while contributing to the harmony of the room as a whole. The glass coffee table and the glass accessories used in this room are smooth and clean creating the effect of modernity and style.

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