Country Interior Design Style

country style living room

Country interior design style reflects the comfort and the lifestyle of living in the countryside. The main difference between the country interior design style and other interior design styles is the feeling of closeness to nature achieved by bringing outdoor nature elements to indoor spaces.

Here are some of the elements used in the country design style:

  • Natural materials are used in the country design style; such as wood, stone, brick, copper, and leather.
  • Antiques and collectable items such as furniture and accessories. You can find them in your grandma’s attic, antique shops, and flea markets.
  • Nature provides the color palette for the country design style. Colors used are soft, neutral, and warm.

Country design ceiling

  • Wood, pine, or oak boards are used on the floors, walls or ceilings.
  • Exposed wooden beams.
  • Mixtures of vintage furniture, accessories, and fabrics.
  • Natural textures with rough material finishes are used in the country design style.

  • Antique tools, utensils, or other antique items hanging on the walls made of metals such as copper, iron, or pewter.
  • Handmade items that have a rustic quality such as: handmade pottery, hand-forged metals, oil paintings, and wicker baskets.

Country design textiles

country style colour palette

  • Open shelving to display accessories and collectable items.
  • Classic and comfortable furniture in the same room such as a large comfortable sofa and ladder-backed chairs.
  • Natural stain resistant fabrics such as cotton, linen, soft wool, and leather are used in the country design style.
  • Hand crafted textiles such as quilts and braided rugs.
  • Simple lightweight window treatment fabrics such as sheers to ensure plenty and sufficient light in the room. 
  • Antique light fixtures such as old-fashioned lantern style or metal chandeliers.

Recognizing the elements of the country design style in the kitchen pictured below:

country style kitchen

This kitchen has a warm and cozy feel to it. Wooden surfaces and course materials are reflected in the accessories, floor, and open wooden ceiling. The color scheme used for this kitchen includes various shades of yellow, green and brown. These colors reflect shades found in nature, giving this kitchen a warm earthy feel. The wallpaper has a nice grape pattern. The copper cookware and open cabinet over the sink add a country feel to this kitchen. The cast iron, copper and glass accessories on the top shelf provide this kitchen with nice accent pieces.

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