Casual Interior Design Style

Casual style living room.

Casual interior design style makes a room feel warm, comfortable, and inviting. It contains simple details, relaxing horizontal lines instead of vertical lines, and layouts which are not symmetrical. 

Casual design style can be easily mixed with other design styles such as country and rustic. Many home owners prefer it because it is visually appealing, functional, comfortable, and easy to maintain. It is the opposite of the formal design style

Here are some of the elements used in the casual design style:

  • Furniture pieces in the casual style are oversized, large, comfortable, functional, and soft.
  • Fabrics used in the casual interior design style include cotton, linen, flax, and wool.
  • Upholstered furniture made in neutral colors such as beige, brown, tan, gray or off-white.

Casual style living room.

  • Furniture pieces are usually made from light woods such as oak and pine.
  • Matching pieces are not necessary in the casual interior design style.
  • Window coverings such as simple curtains, shutters, blinds or shades are used for light control and for privacy.
  • Ruffles, ribbons, pleats, cording, or buttons with a range of colors are used for accents on upholstered pieces.
  • Wicker and iron furniture pieces are used in the casual style.

  • Wall colors are soft and light such as cream, white, and lighter colors of green or blue.
  • Lighting fixtures are made of shaped iron, pewter, or wood.
  • Flooring could be tile, vinyl, hardwood, or stone in the casual style.
  • Area rugs are large, geometrical and delicate with woven patterns. 
  • Accessories in the casual design style include: pillows and cushions, books, boxes, candlesticks, and flowers.

Recognizing the elements of the casual interior design style in the living room pictured below:

Casual style living room.

This living room has many elements that characterize a casual design room style. The furniture used is oversized, functional, and looks comfortable. The sofas are made of a beige fabric with simple detailing. The sofas and coffee table are arranged in a casual manner (horizontal lines are preferred over vertical lines) creating a comfortable relaxed mood. The room has a neutral color scheme with simple accessories to convey an inviting atmosphere. The flooring, wall colors, and drapery are all shades of brown and light beige.  

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