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Tuscan interior design style is very popular in home décor and design, it makes a room feel elegant, romantic, stylish, eye catching, and most of all luxurious.

Tuscan interior design style blends the style and comfort of the Italian countryside. It includes characteristics from the formal, traditional, rustic, country, French, Spanish, and modern interior design styles. It is inspired by the elements of nature found in Italy; especially Tuscany.

Here are some of the elements used in the Tuscan interior design style:

  • Earth tone color palettes found in Italy’s natural environment such as brown, burgundy, blue, olive, beige, sage, brass, gray, gold, and tangerine.
  • Combinations of old and new objects to create a unique, luxurious, and elegant space. 
  • Reflections of simple forms and clean lines for a modern Italian design look.
  • Natural materials such as glass, wood, marble, stone, ceramic tile, and leather are used in the Tuscan design style.
  • Functional, and distinguished furniture pieces.

Tuscan Interior Design Style - www.leovandesign.com

  • Oak, cedar, walnut, and pine are the most popular woods used in the Tuscan interior design style.
  • Hand carved and detailed furniture.
  • Mixtures of antique furniture with stylish contemporary pieces.
  • Accessories used include impressive antiques clocks, candlesticks, musical instruments, modern chandeliers, gilt framed art, statues, and antique Venetian mirrors.
  • Flooring such as hardwood, terracotta tile, terrazzo, travertine, and marble tiles. 

  • Fruit and fresh flower displays to bring the sunny countryside of Tuscany inside.  
  • Hand made artwork such as old pottery and hand-painted plates.
  • Combinations of metal, wood, stone and glass all together in the same room design.
  • Accent colors such as bright red and taupe’s are included in accessories and furniture pieces.
  • Arch shapes are a key element in the Tuscan design style such as arched walls, arched doors, arched windows, and arched mirrors.

Tuscan Interior Design Style - www.leovandesign.com

  • Decorative moldings, antique furniture, and ceiling medallions above light fixtures.
  • Coffered ceiling in homes which have high ceilings.
  • Painted ceiling murals especially in the entrance and in the dining room
  • Fabrics and textiles found in the Tuscan design include: leather, linens, damasks, velvets, and silks.
  • Patterns and prints in fabrics and textiles are large with bold colors.
  • Rustic wooden shutters, wood overhead beams, marble countertops, coarse plaster walls, and Oriental or Persian rugs are all features of the Tuscan interior design style. 

Tuscan Interior Design Style - www.leovandesign.com 

  • Stone fireplaces or oil paintings used as a focal point in a room. 
  • Lighting fixtures such as torchères, pendants, and chandeliers made from wrought-iron. 
  • Wall art includes tapestries, metal grilles, and antique-style paintings from famous Italian artists such as Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Walls sometimes are painted with murals or scenes from nature.
  • Terracotta roof tiles are used for homes designed in the Tuscan style in warmer climates.

By applying these elements and characteristics to any design space you will bring Italy’s Tuscan countryside feeling to any home interior design style.



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