DIY Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Colorful DIY Easter egg bath bombs in a basket.

Spring is almost here and Easter is right around the corner. Let’s get creative and make some Easter egg bath bombs that you can decorate like real Easter eggs. 

DIY Easter egg bath bombs make a wonderful homemade Easter gift for your family and friends. They make a great non-food Easter basket stuffer.

These homemade Easter egg bath bombs are inexpensive and fun to make. I made them with my 4-year-old daughter Angelina on TikTok. We re-used fillable Easter egg ornaments to make the egg shaped bath bombs in the recipe below.

Our technique for making homemade bath bombs is super easy and it’s a great craft and learning activity for kids. The science behind the fizz of bath bombs is a chemical reaction between citric acid and baking soda, which causes the release of carbon dioxide gas (the bubbles and fizz) when they come into contact with water. While in dry form these ingredients do not react with each other. But once you add water to them the chemical reaction is activated.

DIY Easter egg bath bombs recipe materials and supplies needed.

Easter Egg Bath Bombs Recipe Materials and Supplies Needed:

1 cup baking soda

½ cup cornstarch

½ cup epsom salt

½ cup citric acid

20 drops of your favourite essential oil 

Food coloring (optional) or mica powder

1/4 cup melted coconut oil or another skin-friendly oil of your choice such as olive oil.  I like to use coconut oil because it is solid at room temperature, and it helps to bind all the ingredients together.

Utensils Needed:

Egg shaped silicone molds or fillable Easter egg ornaments

Mixing bowls


Measuring cups


1. In a large bowl combine all dry ingredients and mix well. 

2. In a big measuring cup melt the coconut oil (I usually do this in the microwave for about 45 seconds, checking on it, and then adding 10 more seconds until the oil is completely melted). Then add the liquid ingredients to the measuring cup. Add essential oil and food coloring and mix well. 


3. Make sure to mix really well so that the colors are well distributed.

4. Pour wet mixture into dry mixture and stir them together. Add the wet ingredients slowly. Mix until the mixture is firm enough to be held together. 

5. Check the consistency of the bath bomb mixture; it should have a consistency close to wet sand. If the mixture is too dry, add a few drops of water or witch hazel, mix well, and test again. Repeat until you reach the desired consistency. You want the mixture to hold together when compressed and compacted.

6. Adjust the coloring and consistency before you start shaping your bath bombs.

7. Firmly press the bath bomb mixture into one half mold then press mixture into other half. Press both sides together firmly. 

8. Allow the mixture to dry for at least 24 hours before unmolding. 

9. When dry, carefully remove the bath bomb from the mold. 

10. Store in a cool dry place until ready to use. 

Colorful blue Easter egg bath bomb.

This great recipe is easy for kids to make along with a help of an adult and needs just a couple everyday kitchen ingredients. These homemade bath bombs are perfect to give as a gift for that special someone who needs a bit of pampering. Or to keep and pamper yourself! They are a simple way to turn an ordinary bath into a luxurious, relaxing, spa retreat.


Adults only should make the bath bombs. Kids can help with measuring and stirring under adult supervision. Coconut oil will leave your bathtub a little bit slippery. Use caution when getting out of your tub. Do not use if you have irritated skin. Do not use bath bombs every day. 



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