Top Home Décor Trends 2021

Modern living room - pastel colors

Home décor trends to reinvent and rejuvenate your home. Some home décor trends will reflect your personal style and will work with your home design projects. Pick the trends that suit your taste, work with the style of your home, and fit with your budget. 

Here are the latest home décor trends that you can use in your design projects:

Natural Materials

Products made with natural materials such as marble, wood, glass, bamboo, terrazzo, stone, terracotta, and polished concrete. Wicker baskets and wooden furniture pieces are trending and are an excellent choice for your interior design projects. These products will help bring a natural and calm environment to any space while replicating the world around your home. Natural materials create a comforting and inviting feel and are strong and durable.

Terrazzo contains a combination of small chips of materials such as granite, marble, quartz and glass. Terrazzo is available in an unlimited variety of colors and several patterns. It is a durable material like marble. You can use it for countertops, backsplashes, and floors. Terrazzo is the new marble. Glass will give a modern feel to any room, and can be combined into any design space for a fresher, more contemporary look. Mirrors can be used to add depth to an interior design space.


Modern kitchen with white cabinets and matte black sink.

Color Scheme

Color palettes provided by nature is the newest color trend. Neutral and Pastel colors such as sand, wood, gray, green, sky blue, breezy blue, coral, olive green, and burnt orange are trending. These colors makes a room stand out and provide a unique ambiance. They are also easy to look at, easy to match, and don’t make a design space look too busy. The overall trend is towards simplicity. These colors are easy to incorporate into any design space. You will see these colors everywhere; on walls, in kitchens, and in bathrooms. They make a space look relaxed and calm. Combine Pastel colors with metallic accessories to give your design space a clean modern look.

Metal Colors

Black matte, gold, and brass metal colors are popular. Choose gold to be your dominant metal color and mix it with brushed nickel. Gold and nickel look great together. Brass decor accents add an everyday sense of elegance to any design space. Matte black bathroom basins, furniture pieces, and lighting fixtures are popular. Mixing different metals in a room is trending. Now you don’t have to worry about having gold door handles and brushed nickel light fixture in one room. 

Textiles and Patterns

Durable fabrics, comfortable upholstery, and furniture pieces that are versatile and chic are popular. Velvet, wool, mohair, silk, leather, and faux fur will continue to be popular even in minimalist décor. Velvet furnishings are trending. Velvet is a luxurious classic fabric. Mixtures of patterns and prints in the same room design such as floral patterns with stripes or plaid patterns are popular.

Curves and Geometrics Shapes

Furniture with curvilinear cuts are popular and trending. Curves will be a design feature for furniture pieces, mirrors, and frames; instead of straight lines and angular pieces. Curves give any piece a rounder, softer shape. Curved and rounded furniture add warmth and flexibility to colors, fabrics, and textures in home decor. Geometric designs have been popular for a couple years and they are here to stay. Hard edged geometric shapes add dramatic tension to a space. You will see geometric shapes on wallpaper, lighting, furnishings, and accessories. 

Blue accent chair with white throw pillow.

Nature Inspired Home Décor

Rooms and spaces inspired by nature are popular. Natural elements such as dried flowers, wooden sculptures, glass vases filled with small stones, bamboo sticks in a vase with sand, greenery plants, and wicker furniture are being used to bring the outdoors inside and to create a comfortable, relaxed, and inviting space. 

These home décor trends can be utilized in many different ways such as with accessories, chairs, accent walls, or even your front door to enhance your curb appeal. These home décor trends will add texture and warmth to a space, will produce an organic look, and will create a relaxed and calm environment.  Always use common sense before you decide if a new decor trend fits your interior home design lifestyle. Don’t forget that what you truly love and what makes you happy as well as comfortable will always be in style.



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