4 Ways to Reuse Your Old CDs

Multiple CDs spread out on a flat surface.

Compact Disks (CDs) were popular from the mid 1980s until their peak in early 2000. They quickly became more popular then vinyl records and cassette tapes for music recording and listening due to their increased portability, capacity and higher quality digital audio. With the invention of MP3 players and the prevalence of online streaming services today, the popularity and sales CDs has greatly declined. 

We all have old CDs stored in our homes that we no longer use. If you still haven't thrown out your old unused CDs, it's time to give them a new life. I don't know about you, but I have many old CDs sitting in boxes in my home. Instead of throwing them out I decided to use my old CDs in my craft projects. They can be easily transformed into great home or garden accessories that you can make yourself.
There are many fun ways that you can reuse and repurpose your old unused CDs:


Cover your old CDs with fabrics and colorful textiles and use them as coasters. Mix and match fabrics that complement your home design style. Place them on your coffee table, kitchen counters, or give them as a gift. Coasters will save your kitchen surfaces and living room tables from water damage and scratches. With a little creativity your old unused CDs can be turned into beautiful decor items for any season.

Outdoor Garden Accessories

Decorate and hang one or two CDs using twine on garden ornament hooks to keep birds and other pests away from your fruit and vegetable plants. Place your garden CD ornaments in various patterns in your garden to keep unwanted visitors away. Use your old CDs to identify different plants in your garden. Use a marker to name each plant and glue a Popsicle stick to the CD and insert in the ground next to the plant.

Colorful LED CD candle holder.

Mosaic Craft Projects 

Old CDs can be painted and broken up into pieces to create homemade mosaic crafts, accessories and DIY projects. Add a mosaic pattern around your mirrors, picture frames, backsplashes and plant pots. Glue the CD pieces to the mosaic surface you are working on in a random pattern leaving a small space of about 1/16 of an inch between each piece. After you are finished gluing the CD pieces to your surface, apply some non-sanded grout in the color of your chose to your mosaic and let dry to keep the pieces together. Follow the instructions of your grout to determine the appropriate drying time before you clean the excess grout from your mosaic pattern.

LED Candle Holders

Craft a colorful LED candleholder using an old CD and some colorful beads, marbles or pistachio shells. This is so easy to make and it looks very stylish. I made a pistachio shell candle holder with my daughter Angelina on Tiktok and the result was fabulous. Pistachio shells can be glued on the CD surface one by one and then painted to create a nice flower candleholder. 

When you reuse your old CDs instead of throwing them away, not only is it better for the environment as CDs are not recyclable, you will also end up with a unique home décor accessory that you created yourself. You can create plenty of smart, eco-friendly accessories when you reuse your old CDs.



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