Bathroom Renovation Tips - Bathroom Surfaces

Almost every real estate professional will tell you that bathroom upgrades usually provide a good return on investment.

Here are some more tips to consider when renovating your bathroom:

Bathroom Paint Color - Warm color schemes in the bathroom tend to create a warm and energetic mood, whereas cooler color schemes tend to create a soothing and relaxing mood. Always use paints, which are mold and mildew resistant when painting your bathroom.

Flooring – Ceramic, stone and marble tiles are durable and attractive choices for bathroom flooring. They are also very water resistant which, is important in a bathroom. Installing subfloor heating will help keep your bathroom warm, dry and comfortable.

Bathroom countertop - When selecting a bathroom countertop, water resistance and ease of maintenance are the two most important considerations. Commonly used countertop materials include marble, granite, slate, sandstone, glass, tile and laminate. These materials are durable and attractive. Don’t forget that any form of stone must be sealed and treated to prevent stains and water damage.

In my next post I will give you some tips on lighting, faucets and mirrors for your bathroom

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