Bathroom Renovation Tips - Bathroom Accessories

Here are some bathroom renovation tips to consider when installing bathroom accessories:

Mirrors - As a general rule, the mirror should not be any wider than width of the vanity. For a bathroom that will often be used by two people at the same time, two mirrors mounted over double sinks are more practical and stylish than a single oversized mirror.

Faucets - Faucets and showerheads should complement the fixtures in your bathroom. Porcelain-brass combos are typically traditional, while gooseneck and waterfall faucets look modern. Basic faucets even chrome-brass combinations, work nicely in neutral bathroom schemes.

Lighting - Good lighting is essential in a bathroom. Remember to provide adequate lighting over your sink mirror and install dimmers to allow for lighting variety. Proper lighting can greatly improve the look of your bathroom.

Follow the tips in this and my previous two posts and you will be able to plan a functional, stylish and comfortable bathroom that meets your personal needs and reflects your own style.

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