Living Room Staging Tips

The living room is the centre of activity and the social hub in a house. It’s where families gather, entertain, and relax. A properly staged living room will allow potential homebuyers to easily imagine themselves relaxing, entertaining, and gathering in the room.

The goal of staging a living room is to make it appealing to the highest number of potential homebuyers. Home staging will make your living room appear comfortable, attractive, cozy, organized and spacious, while highlighting some of it best features.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when staging your living room:

  • De-clutter the room. Remove any unnecessary furniture or objects to make the room look more spacious.
  • Check the walls and repair any cracks or nicks.
  • Repaint the walls if necessary with a neutral color.
  • Repaint mouldings, baseboards and trims if necessary.
  • Clean and polish hardwood floors. If the flooring is carpet and it’s not in good condition clean or replace it.

  • De-personalize the room by removing all personal and religious photos, souvenirs and memorabilia.
  • Use framed art to replace personal pictures on walls.
  • Store all DVD’s and CD’s away from view. Hide all electrical cords and outlets as best as possible.
  • Remove any kids toys from the room.
  • Remove any pet toys and food dishes. Make sure the room is clean from pet hair or odors.

  • Clean, dust and polish everything in the room including windows, mouldings, baseboards and trims.
  • Air out the room to remove any smoke or other odors. Remove any indication of smoking such as ashtrays.
  • Make sure the lighting in the room is adequate. Add extra lighting if required. Open window drapes to let in natural light.
  • Arrange furniture to create cozy and comfortable conversation areas.

  • Arrange furniture away from the walls to create a floating effect that will make the living room space appear larger.
  • Clear tables and furniture away from traffic patterns of the living room, to allow walking into the room and through the room without tripping over the furniture.
  • Find the focal point of the room, such as a fireplace or picture window with a nice view.
  • Enhance the focal point of the room by adding accessories.

  • Arrange accessories in  grouping of three with different shapes and heights to add interest to the focal point.
  • Use bold colors for accents such as pillows, throws.
  • Arrange fresh flowers to liven up the space.
  • Add one or two books on a coffee table or end table to create a relaxing mood.

First impressions are important when you are selling a home, and often the living room is the first room a potential homebuyer sees after walking through the front door. Follow the tips in this article and my previous staging articles and your living room will attract the attention of homebuyers and will help you sell your home for the best price.



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