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baby nursery room designs

Are you planning to design a baby nursery room? Start by designing a baby environment that is calm, functional, comfortable, and organized. 

Here are some tips for designing and decorating a baby nursery room:

  • Choose a room that is close to your bedroom so you don’t have to walk far at night.
  • Design your baby’s room with a style that is harmonious with the design style of your home.
  • Get design ideas for color schemes and themes from magazines, books, and websites.
  • Plan the layout of your nursery before you buy anything.

baby nursery room design

  • Focus on buying things that are functional first, beautiful second.
  • Select furniture that will grow with your child. Think long term when choosing your nursery furniture.
  • Try to choose materials that are durable and washable.
  • Choosing modern furnishings matched with accents is an easy way to give your nursery designer style.
  • Select a crib that converts to a twin bed. The crib could be the focal point of your nursery room design.

    baby nursery room designs

    Convertable  Crib

  • Find baby nursery furniture that complements your crib. This will give your nursery a unified and organized look.
  • Choose a changing table that doubles as a dresser which will grow with your child.
  • Select your furniture and textiles before you paint.

  • Choose soft, calm paint colors.
  • Use unisex colors in the nursery room in order to avoid the cost of re-decorating in the future.
  • Select images for the wall decor that complement the theme and design of your nursery room.

baby nursery room designs

  • Hang a picture, a mobile toy, or artwork on the wall over the changing table to distract your baby during change time.
  • Choose hardwood flooring for your nursery room. It’s easy to clean and does not attract allergy-inducing dust.
  • Add interest to the room with a colorful area rug, patterned bedding, and attractive drapery.
  • Consider painting or decorating the ceiling; babies spend much of their time on their backs.
  • Select a comfortable easy chair, cushioned rocking chair or glider chair for your nursery room.

baby nursery room designs

  • Add colorful woven baskets, boxes, or bins without lids to the room to store stuffed animals, books and toys. 
  • Install a dimmer light switch to control the lighting and mood of the room during changing, feeding and reading time. 
  • Add night lights to provide comfort during late night feedings.
  • Add a clock to schedule reading and breastfeeding time.
  • Make sure the room has everything you need to make both you and your baby comfortable.

Follow these tips and your baby nursery room will be calm, functional, comfortable, and most importantly you and your baby you will love it.

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