Deck Design Planning Tips

Deck Design Ideas

Are you considering building or having a deck added to your home this summer? Now is the perfect time to start planning. 

Beautiful deck designs are becoming a more common feature of outdoor living spaces. They provide us with a great outdoor area for relaxing, dining and entertaining friends and family.  

Decks can be attached to or detached from a house. They can be built in different designs (platform decks, raised decks, multilevel decks, entryway decks, rooftop decks, porch decks, two-story decks and freestanding decks.)

Deck Design Ideas

Here are some ideas and tips to create a great and pleasing outdoor deck: 

  • Start the planning process by collecting ideas from design magazines, home improvement television shows and the Internet.
  • Consider the budget you are willing to spend on your deck design.
  • Plan a deck design that adds comfort, curb appeal, function and value to your home.
  • Design a deck that compliments your home, your garden and your lifestyle.
  • Let the style of your deck express the style of your home. The deck needs to be in proportion not only to your home but also your home`s outdoor living spaces (backyard, front yard, garden).
  • Choose a theme for your deck design that speaks to who you really are.

Deck Design Ideas

  • Think about the function and daily use of the deck by your family; whether it is for dining, entertaining or a place to relax and play.
  • Consider your home's front and backyard landscape design, and even the style of the home`s in your neighborhood when designing your deck.
  • Plan a deck design with extraordinary angles or curves. It requires more labor, but it can turn a familiar rectangular deck design into a unique architectural feature of your home.
  • Check with your municipality to see if you need a permit, before you start your project.

  • Decide on the type of decking materials you want to use to design and build your deck; such as woods, paints and stains.
  • Select the right wood materials when building a deck. There are many different kinds of wood materials to choose from: pressure-treated wood, cedar, mahogany, cypress, pine, redwood, exotic and composite decking.
  • Consider the maintenance requirements for the materials you decide to use for your design.

Deck Design Ideas

  • Consider the weather conditions where you live when choosing the building materials and accessories for your deck design.
  • Consult a landscape designer for advice on choosing the best materials and location for your deck.
  • Convert your deck into an outdoor living room that reflects a sense of style.
  • Split the decking area if it’s large enough into sections of varying heights. A multi-level deck or tiered deck is appealing and often more practical. It will allow party guests to gather together in small groups and it will provide cozier settings for relaxation.
  • Utilize different stain and paint colors to designate where one area of the deck begins and another ends.
  • Add a pergola, canopy or gazebo to your deck design. They provide shade, a place to attach speakers and hanging plants, and will convert your deck into a wonderful outdoor oasis.

Deck Design Ideas

  • Furnish your deck with comfortable and stylish outdoor patio furniture and accessories.
  • Build benches on your deck with storage space inside them. They are perfect for your patio cushions and outdoor pillows.
  • Build your backyard deck near the kitchen to facilitate the serving of food and for easy cleanup.
  • Try to include both sunny and shaded areas in your deck design.
  • Decide how you will safely get on and off the deck.
  • Mark the deck-edges that require protective guardrails, and don't forget the stairs and steps.

Deck Design Ideas

  • Install hand railings to improve deck appearance and safety.
  • Think before building the deck; where are the best places on the deck to provide access to your garden.
  • Add outdoor lighting to your deck for safety and for ambience at night.
  • Improve your deck with outdoor living accessories such as a fire pit, a hot tub, or a complete outdoor kitchen. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace will add a nice focal point to your backyard deck design. 
  • Encircle your deck with stylish railings such as glass, metal, vinyl or composites.
  • Include screens or fences in your deck design; if you require protection from the wind, or if you want to add more privacy.

A well-planned deck design will enhance your lifestyle and the visual appeal of your entire home and will convert your backyard into an outdoor escape that can be enjoyed year-round.



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