Diana Hadchity Chedrawy Interview with Zeina Al Anaka Magazine

Zeina Al Anaka Magazine December 2014

Zeina al Anaka magazine in United Arab Emirates asked to interview me for their December Festive Issue. Zeina Al Anaka is a popular lifestyle magazine which is sold throughout the Middle East and Europe. I’m pleased to be featured in their home design and décor category, sharing my best tips and inspirations for designing any space with the rustic interior design style.

Rustic Interior Design Style - Rustic bedroom design style

Here is the interview translated from Arabic to English:

Mountain houses are heavenly retreats. They are a popular destination for recreation and escape from the pressures of everyday life. The rustic interior design style is used to convey the theme of living in the mountains in any design space. It gives you the feeling of comfort and closeness to nature. What are the characteristics of the rustic interior design and décor style? How should we choose furniture and accessories for integration between aesthetics, design style, and practical use? Interior designer Diana Hadchity Chedrawy gives us some guidance, based on her experience and professionalism in the world of interior design and home décor.

Zeina Al Anaka Magazine December Festive Issue - Diana Hadchity Chedrawy

What are the criteria of the rustic interior design style? How does it differ from other interior design styles?

The rustic interior design style reflects the comfort and the lifestyle of living in the mountains. The difference between the rustic design style and other interior design styles is the feeling of comfort and closeness to nature achieved by bringing outdoor nature elements to indoor spaces.

What are the things you take into consideration when designing a home with the rustic interior design style?

Whether I have a mountain house I have to design and decorate or I just want to create a rustic design style in any home interior space, I keep the décor simple and I personalize it with rustic design style elements that give a feeling of nearness to nature.

Rustic Living Room design style  - Rustic Elements interior design style

Give us 5 or more characteristics or elements of the rustic interior design style?

  • Using antiques and collectable items such as furniture and accessories. You can find them in your grandma’s attic, antique shops, and flea markets.
  • Wood pine or oak boards used for floors, walls, or ceilings.
  • Exposed wooden beams.
  • Natural textures with rough material finishes.
  • Stone or brick fireplaces.
  • Handmade items that have a rustic quality such as: handmade pottery, hand-forged metals, oil paintings, and wicker baskets.

  • Open shelving to display accessories and collectable items.
  • Blend of old and new objects.
  • Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, or leather.
  • Mixture of vintage furniture, accessories, and fabrics.
  • Simple lightweight window treatment fabrics such as sheers to ensure plenty and sufficient light in the room. 
  • Antique tools, utensils, or other antique items hanging on the walls and made of metals such as copper, iron, or pewter.
  • Antique light fixtures with painted glass shades such as old-fashioned lantern style or a metal chandelier that offers a vintage look.

    These elements or characteristics bring in a natural outdoor feeling to any home interior design.

    Rustic family room design style - Rustic decor and design

    What are the materials used in the rustic interior design style?

    • Wood, brick, stone, pottery, leather, and metal are the main materials used when you are designing a rustic interior design style.

    What colors usually dominate in rustic interior design style?

    • Nature provides the color palette for the rustic design style. Colors used are soft, neutral, and warm.

    What are some common mistakes made in the rustic interior design style?
    • Not having a focal point in the design space such as a fireplace. 
    • Using too many furniture pieces in the same space.
    • Forgetting to use accent colors such as blues, greens, and warm reds to add comfort and to create interest to a design space.

    Rustic kitchen interior design style - Rustic kitchen decor

    How do you combine your professional view with the owner’s taste?

    Before starting a project, I interview my clients to get an idea of their interior design practical needs and to determine the interior design style that will complement their personal lifestyle. Also, I try to understand my clients vision then I translate that concept to fit their uniquely personal lifestyle.

    How do you combine practical usage and beauty aspects?

    Every project is unique and requires a different creative process. After reviewing a project’s requirements, usually I will draft a few different ideas that I think will work with the function and the design layout of the space. I find this process helps me to be creative and allows me to choose the best layout idea, which fits the space I’m designing.

    Rustic interior design and Rustic home decor

    What other advice might you give us?

    Consider the function and the budget you are willing to spend on a design space before you start your project. 

    Consider using recycled eco-friendly materials in your design space. This conveys respect for the environment and promotes a healthy environment for future generations. 

    Give priority to local manufacturers to reduce the amount of pollution caused by shipping and transportation.



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