Master Bedroom Feng Shui

master bedroom design using fire feng shui elements

Feng shui master bedroom interior design promotes a harmonious flow of physical and healthful energy. Good feng shui in the master bedroom helps you get a relaxing night’s sleep, feel in control, escape from the stress of everyday life and make passionate love.

Follow these feng shui tips to promote rest, relaxation, sensuality and harmony in your master bedroom:

  • Create a calm master bedroom with the use of comfortable furnishings.
  • Choose bedroom furniture with soft lines and curvilinear forms.
  • Avoid sharp pointed objects in your master bedroom because they produce negative energy (roundness is preferred in feng shui).
  • Place the bed diagonally from the door, not in line with the door. This bed placement allows you to see anyone entering your bedroom and prevents the loss of personal energy through the door while you sleep at night.

best bed placement info graphic for optimal bedroom fang shui

  • Make the bed the focal point of your master bedroom; to create a romantic and restful feeling.
  • Use a solid wood or tufted upholstered headboard. A good quality solid headboard makes you feel grounded and provides you with a sense of security, protection and support.
  • Make sure your bed is accessible from both sides to allow good chi energy to flow freely in your master bedroom.
  • Select colors according to the mood and the energy you want to create in your bedroom. 
  • Use earth tone colors (terra cotta, cream, peach, beige, cocoa) as your dominant colors for your master bedroom walls and flooring. These colors will give you stability, nourishments, and protection in all of your relationships.
  • Use fire colors (red, pink, yellow, burgundy) in your master bedroom as accent colors for pillows, candles, and blankets. Fire colors increase the romance in your relationships.

master bedroom designed using earth tone fang shui colours

  • Use pastel and neutral colors (light blue, skin colors, light green) in your master bedroom to promote calm, rest, serenity, peace and relaxation.
  • Accessorize your bedroom with objects in pairs of two such as two night lamps on either side of your bed, two candlesticks or two small figurines: to promote balance while you sleep and to create equality in your relationships.
  • Add green color accessories in your bedroom; to get wealth and healthy energy in your life.
  • Add two bedside tables on either side of your bed: to increase stability and protection in your relationships. 
  • Add rose quartz crystals beside a candle in your bedroom to enhance love, to heal the heart and to promote good communication.

sample feng shui accessories from feng shui earth elements

  • Don’t place your bed under a window. In feng shui a bed located under a window does not provide support or protection and will promote negative effects on your personal health. 
  • Keep the ceiling in your master bedroom flat.
  • Don’t place your bed under ceiling beams, skylights or ceiling fans because they create the feeling of heaviness and pressure in feng shui.
  • Avoid dark corners, low ceilings, sloped ceilings, hanging chimes and dark colors. 
  • Ensure that all images seen from the bed are happy, calm and relaxing.

  • Keep rest, entertainment and work areas separated from your master bedroom.
  • Remove computers, office equipments, televisions and exercise machines from your bedroom; they interrupt good feng shui energy, disturb your sleep and could harm your relationships. 
  • Keep your bed away (minimum two feet) from any TVs, desks, computers or other distractions if you can’t remove them from your bedroom. Conceal these items if possible when it’s time to sleep.
  • Remove all plants from your master bedroom (especially in a small bedroom). In feng shui plants represent vibrant life and will not promote rest and relaxation in your master bedroom. 
  • Allow as much natural light as possible to enter into your master bedroom during the day: to promote healthful good energy. 
  • Display a bowl of fruits in your master bedroom to encourage sexual desire and pleasure. 

fruits which can increase feng shui in any room design

    • Use candles & mood lighting from different sources (overhead, wall, and table lights) in your bedroom to bring in positive energy and to increase romance in your relationships.
    • Install dimmer switches for your master bedroom lighting to soften and control the flow of energy at night. 
    • Keep the space under your bed clear to promote the flow of positive energy as you sleep.
    • Add curtains, drapes, or fabric shades instead of metal, wood, or plastic blinds; they are preferred in feng shui as they give your bedroom a sensual feeling as well as better privacy.
    • Avoid placing a mirror opposite your bed. Mirrors cause restless sleep and deplete your body of personal positive energy.

    master bedroom using earth tone feng shui colours

    • Organize, de-clutter, and clean your closets to create a sense of tranquility and serenity in your bedroom.
    • Keep all your master bedroom doors closed at night (ensuite bathroom door, closets and bedroom door) for privacy and to promote restful and relaxing sleep. 
    • Keep water feng shui elements such as aquariums and paintings of water out of your master bedroom. In feng shui water elements in the master bedroom can lead to health and financial loss.
    • Air out your bedroom by opening the windows often or use a good quality air-purifier; to promote harmony and peace.
    • Use lightly fragranced candles and essential oils such as jasmine and lavender to enhance romance and sexual healing in your master bedroom.

    An excellent master bedroom feng shui interior design promotes the flow of nourishing, harmonious, romantic and sensual physical energy in your life. For more feng shui tips and ideas for your home read my previous feng shui articles.



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