Halloween Decorating Ideas

decorated halloween pumpkin

Temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling and Halloween is on its way. So get prepared to decorate your home both indoors and outdoors with these do it yourself Halloween decorating ideas. 

These creative DIY ideas will help create a perfect ambience for Halloween and will make your home look both scary and funny:

  • Use a scary or funny Halloween theme for your home decorations.
  • Use eco-friendly reusable materials to design and decorate your home for Halloween.
  • Re-use decorations you already have from previous years.
  • Add Halloween color accessories to your all season décor (white and black colors go with any color scheme).

Halloween small scarecrow with halloween decorations

  • Choose decorations that will work throughout the fall season such as pumpkins and scarecrows.
  • Give the scarecrow a personality to match your style such as: friendly or scary, formal or casual, female or male. 
  • Stuff your scarecrow with old clothes. Use old gloves for the hands, a ball for the head, and a big stick to finish the look.
  • Place your handmade scarecrow on a chair near your front door to greet your visitors.
  • Decorate the inside and the outside of your home with Halloween accessories such as pumpkins and items that have a black or orange color. Pumpkins are the most traditional item used for Halloween decorations.

Decorated pumking infront of flower pots.

  • Turn the lights off and only light your rooms with electrical candles at night.
  • Decorate your pumpkins with sparkles, paint, masks, and rhinestones.
  • Be creative and stylish by painting your pumpkins silver or gold.
  • Paint your pumpkins with chalkboard paint then let the kids decorating them with chalk.
  • Make a table centerpiece of pumpkins (faux or natural) such as white pumpkins with candles and flowers.
  • Decorate your Halloween pumpkins with ribbons and markers.

Halloween decorations with wicth and pumking.

  • Paint the pumpkins and arrange them in a cluster in your front yard or in the entrance of your home.
  • Add fake spiders on top of a decorated pumpkin.
  • Draw creepy eyes on your mirrors with a washable marker.
  • Download or print Halloween templates from the Internet then cut them and stick them on the walls and stairs.

  • Hang a ghost from the ceiling or from a window. Blow up a large balloon and drape a light sheet over it to make your ghost.
  • Decorate your garden with pumpkin lanterns, plastic spiders, skeletons, scarecrows, and funny ghosts.
  • Hang some balloons from your ceiling. Get orange balloons and draw scary pumpkins, spider webs, bats, or spiders.
  • Craft some black silhouettes of rats, mice, and cats; then use them for Halloween decorations.

Halloween decorations witj RIP sign and scarecrow.

  • Hang spider webs on any wall you choose. You can make spider webs from big chunks of cotton, or you can make them with an old cheesecloth, also you can get some spider webs from any Halloween costume store.
  • Create your own Halloween wreath by using an old frame, tie it with an orange ribbon to the front door, then attach a couple of little pumpkins to the frame.
  • Make a vintage witches’ broom with a large stick, straw, and twine. 
  • Decorate your dining room table or console table in your home's main entrance with a black tablecloth and silver or gold painted pumpkins. This arrangement will give your home a great focal point for your Halloween décor.

Halloween flower pot.

  • Choose any color tablecloth and draw or write on it with a fabric marker anything scary such as spiders, BOO, spider webs, or RIP.
  • Use a scary themed front doormat. You can do it by yourself by drawing scary items with a marker on a blank canvas door mat. 
  • Drape your bookshelves with spider webs. 
  • Display some scary Halloween books around your home.

Halloween orange flowers.

  • Hide toilet paper rolls with glow in the dark sticks inside them in the shrubs and bushes outside your home.
  • Display jack-o'-lanterns in various sizes all arranged neatly on your front door steps. 
  • Replace your porch light bulb with a black or orange light bulb.
  • Play scary Halloween music inside and outside your home.

Do it yourself Halloween decorations offer a great opportunity to create unique and fun decorations. Use these Halloween decorating ideas to get your home ready for Halloween this year.



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