Winter Home Decorating Ideas

Living room with fireplace and luxury armchairs.

During the cold winter months you will be spending more time indoors relaxing with family and friends, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, or watching your favorite TV show or movie. It’s time to think of ways to decorate your home for the winter season.

Follow these winter home décor tips if you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your home for the cold winter season and how to turn your home into a warm and inviting winter retreat:

Make The Entrance of Your Home More Welcoming

Decorate your home’s entryway and front door for the winter season. Seasonal door wreaths and door accessories such as a “welcome” door decal are a perfect choice to decorate your front door and to add winter home curb appeal. For the winter season pick a wreath made from holly branches, evergreen branches, pinecones, glitters, colorful orbs, birch, and scrap fabrics. Make your home feel warm and welcoming by placing a colorful accent doormat in your home’s entryway.

Door wreath with pinecones and white flowers.

Decorate the Fireplace Mantel

Make the fireplace the focal point of your winter decor. A fireplace can really change the ambience in a room. It will turn any room into a relaxing and inviting space especially during the winter season.

Decorate the fireplace mantel by using nature themed decorations such as candles, dried flowers, birch logs, pinecones, animal figurines, bright red holly, winterberry, sticks, snowflakes and other winter themed artwork, and evergreen wreaths and garlands. Hang a large mirror above the mantel to elevate the fireplace and make it the star of any room. A large mirror above a mantel display will also reflect light and add relaxing feng shui energy to any space especially during the dark winter season.

Accent armchair with pillow and throw.

Create A Winter Centerpiece

Make a nice winter centerpiece for any room by using natural elements and accents such as wood, a few clippings of greenery, leaves, tree branches, a couple of sprigs of winter blooming flowers, and pinecones. You can bunch them together and place them in a nice tray or put them in transparent glass vases on the dining room table or on the coffee table.  You can also use candles as centerpieces in your home to create a warm and romantic mood in any space.

Add Fabrics and Textiles in Each Room

Fabrics make a room feel comfortable and warmer. Give your home a quick style update and prepare it for the winter season by adding fabrics such as velvet, wool, cashmere, faux leather, and faux fur to your home décor. Turn your bedrooms into restful retreats by adding velvet textured beddings and pillow covers. Use flannel sheets and plush comforters. A cozy throw completes the winter look in any room.

Master bedroom with luxury winter décor.

In the dining room cover your chairs with simple slipcovers. Slipcovered chairs add warmth during the winter season. Lay a velvet-flocked runner across the dining room table. Get all your soft throws, fluffy blankets, and heavy drapes out of the closet and use them to change the mood in your home and to bring an element of relaxation to any space. Use insulated drapes to save energy and to stay warm in the wintertime.

Re-Arrange your Furniture

Place a bench near a bay window to create a calm and relaxing indoor seating area. Add a couple of pillows, some nice books, and a soft blanket to the bench. A window seat offers the perfect resting indoor space for everything from an afternoon nap to a day spent reading a book or magazines. If you have a fireplace, pull the furniture towards the center of the room in a symmetrical arrangement to design a cozy seating area for winter entertainment.

Well decorated living room and dining room.

Accessorize your Home For Winter

Decorate your rooms with home accessories made of natural elements such as wood, stone, flowers, and pine cones. Adding wood into your room interior design during the winter season brings warmth to any space. In Feng Shui wood is associated with new beginnings and personal growth. Pinecones are a nice supplement for your winter space décor. They are an outstanding way to create a textured feel in your interior design décor. Select accent pillows in colors and patterns that match your existing home décor. Add accessories in white and gold to bring luxury and charm to your home décor. Select warm and intimate ambient, task, and accent lighting fixtures to make your winter décor feel cozy and romantic.

Winter living room décor.

Fill a basket with a variety of natural elements such as logs, branches, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks. Warm up the ambience in any room with scented candles such as grapefruit, cinnamon, vanilla, pine, lemon, or orange. Winter decorations cannot be complete without a cozy area rug for your floor. In the family room add a soft and comfortable non-toxic environmentally friendly area rug made of recycled materials. You can add area rugs and carpets to any room in your home during the winter. Area rugs make a home feel warm and inviting.

Winter interior design is all about warmth and comfort. Add winter décor to your home to make it feel warm, cozy, and comfortable during the chilly cold season and to brighten up dreary winter days.



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