Popular Interior Design Trends

Modern living room.

Interior design trends will highlight functionality, well-being, comfort, sustainability, and minimalist home décor with multifunctional furniture that is both attractively designed and also offers a practical purpose.

Whether you work in the interior design business, or if you are just updating your home or building a new house, knowing more about the latest trends in interior design can be a great basis of inspiration.

Technology and sustainable design will have a big influence on how we decorate and design our homes. They are going to convert how our homes appear and function in the near future. 

Here are the latest interior design trends you can use whether you’re renovating or building a new home:

Sustainable Design 

Sustainability will be a popular topic in the home building and renovation industry. Homebuilders will use more ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, recycled, salvaged or reclaimed building materials. Environmentally friendly materials such as cork, bamboo, reclaimed wood, and engineered wood floors will be used more in home building projects. Sustainable fabrics and alternatives such as animal-free leather and worm-free silk are gaining popularity. 

Environmentally friendly kitchen.

Homebuilders will promote the reduction of energy consumption by building energy efficient well-insulated homes. Being environmentally aware and using environmentally friendly products for your home design conveys respect for the environment, reduces your home heating and cooling costs, and promotes a healthy environment for future generations.

Minimalism Décor

Minimalism in interior design is becoming increasingly popular. Minimalism décor has clean lines and a distinguished color palette with lots of lighting and an open floor concept. The minimalist interior design style uses minimal furniture and accessory pieces and makes a space look uncluttered, stylish, and elegant. 

Multifunctional furniture

Multi-functional and modern furniture pieces are trending as homeowners downsize to smaller homes. Multifunctional furniture pieces can be both beautifully designed and also can be used for a dual purpose. Furniture designers are becoming more creative with multi purpose furniture.

Wall bad closed.

Wall bed open.

Popular multifunctional furniture pieces include: wall beds, coffee tables that easily convert to a dining room table, sofas that can convert into a bunk bed, a desk that converts to a bed taking up much less space than a regular bed, couches that double as sleeper sofas with built-in storage, and storage pieces that can be converted into tables. 

Modern retro style interior design living room.

Modern Retro Design Style

Modern retro design styles such as Urban Boho are trending. This style is relaxed and intimate while at the same time elegant and luxurious. The main characteristic of the modern retro style is creating contrast by incorporating furniture of different styles and patterns. Everything old is new again. This design will be a huge trend. Interiors will reflect a mix of modern and traditional interior design elements. You will see antique and vintage furniture pieces combined with modern pieces with handmade do it yourself accessories.

Eco-friendly home office.

Adding a Home Office

The steady rise of people working from their homes continues. More people are working as freelancers and more large companies are allowing their employees to work flex schedules a few days a week from home. Turning a room of your home into a home office will allow you to concentrate on your work and be more productive when working from home. A home office will give you the flexibility to set your own work schedule while allowing you to spend more time with your family.

What makes an interior unique is the personal touch you bring to a design space. Use interior design trends as a source of inspiration to design a space that reflects your own style and makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy.



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