Interior Design Focal Point

A fireplace can be a focal in a living room. 

The focal point is the centre of attention and the most important element to keep in mind when you are designing a room. You should always look for ideas to create a focal point by deciding where you want the eye to rest when you enter a room.

The focal point can be a natural architectural element of a house such as a fireplace, high ceilings, or a bay window with a nice view. If you don’t have a natural focal point you can create one by identifying what the room’s function is, then choose a focal point that reflects this idea. Some of the things that could be added to a room to create a focal point are a stunning piece of artwork, an attractive large piece of furniture, an eye-catching display of art, or an interesting rug with a unique shape.

A bed can be a focal point in a bedroom

Once you've determined and established your fabulous focal point, look for ways to highlight and emphasize it, by adding art, accessories or color paint around it.

A focal point should be emphasized and balanced with the entire room for the best look and feel. Without a focal point, a room's design often can lack character and appeal.

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