Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclectic Design Dinning Room

Eclectic interior design style is a mixture of styles, textures, colors, and style periods in the same room design. Eclectic designs create an atmosphere that is charming, unique, irregular, creative, and fun because they combine at least two different styles in the same room. 

Eclectic Design Living Room

Line, mass, texture, color, and form are the five basic principles to keep in mind when designing and decorating an eclectic interior space. These five principles must be combined in a balanced way to create a harmonious eclectic interior space.

Eclectic Design Living Room

Here are some of the elements of an eclectic designed room:

  • Combinations of two or more design styles (no more than 3) are used in the same room.
  • Furniture and accessories used are from different design styles and periods.
  • Antique and modern furniture with different lines, finishes, and materials are tied together with paint and fabric.

Eclectic Design Bedroom

  • Art collections are grouped together to create interest.
  • Furniture and accessories in the eclectic interior design style are balanced and in appropriate proportional size.
  • Wallpaper is an essential element in the eclectic interior design style.

Eclectic Design Dinning Room

  • Neutral colors are used to help tie all the elements together in a room.
  • Colors used in an eclectic designed room are usually limited to no more than 4. 
  • Artifacts from different countries and old photographs are used as accessories.

Recognizing the elements of the eclectic design style in the living room pictured below:

This eclectic style living room has a touch of new and old. It has a mixture of different styles and periods, but pulls the look together through the use of similar textures, finishes, colors and patterns. The lines, colors, and forms used are in harmony. The fireplace is the focal point giving warmth to the room. The accessories are balanced and in proper scale.

Eclectic Design Dinning Room

Use the elements and the principles of the eclectic design style to help you create a space that is interesting and distinctively your own. 

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