Top Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends 2015

Current Interior design and home décor trends are reinventing luxury, creativity, versatility, and eco-friendly spaces.

Here is a list of some of the most popular current interior design and home décor trends:

  • Colors which are chosen from outdoor natural surroundings and pastel colors are popular colors right now. They make any home feel inviting and comfortable. 
  • Neutral colors such as gray, cream, and brown. They make a space feel calm and comfortable.
  • Ocean tones: Blue colors such as royal, cobalt, turquoise, and blue sky. 
  • Deep purple and pink color shades such as plum. 
  • Retro colors such as tangerine or burnt orange, yellow mist or light gold, and olive green.
  • Mixtures of bold colors together in the same room design.
  • Natural materials, such as stone, wood, metal, and glass mixed together in the same room design. This mixture makes a room look unique and stylish.

blue color palette

  • Mixtures of different kinds of wood, metals, and textiles in the same room design. 
  • Combinations of different metallic materials, such as brushed nickel and copper or gold in the same room design. This mixture adds a sense of luxury to any design space.
  • Honey color tones or light colored woods such as oak are a popular choice. These colors make a space look bright and clean.

  • Indoor designs using elements from nature such as wooden sculptures, glass vases filled with small stones, bamboo sticks in a vase with sand, plants, and wicker furniture or accessories.
  • Versatile accent pieces such as furniture, light fixtures, and accessories that work either indoors or outdoors. 
  • Multicultural designs: Ethnic elements from different countries mixed and included in textiles, prints, and accessories in the same design space.

blue, brown & pink color palette

  • Creative collections, personal artifacts, and collectible art  included in the same room design.
  • Animal prints and textures used on couches, ottomans, benches, pillows, and chairs.
  • Pendant lighting, task lighting, sconces in pairs, and under kitchen cabinet LED lighting are popular lighting options.
  • Oversized paintings on canvases.

Interior Design Trends 2015

  • Large graphic prints on textiles or on wall art.
  • Eco - friendly interior design materials and products. 
  • White, flat, plain ceiling designs.
  • Reused and recycled décor pieces mixed with contemporary or modern pieces; to create a new, stylish, and interesting design space.
  • Simple curtains and drapes with light sheer panels. They make a room feel fresh, bright, and they help increase good feng shui energy in a room design.

These home décor trends can be utilized in many different ways such as accessories, chairs, accent walls, or even your front door to enhance your curb appeal. Always use common sense before you decide if a new design trend fits your interior home design lifestyle. Don’t forget that what you truly love and what makes you happy as well as comfortable will always be in style.

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