Traditional Interior Design Style

Traditional Style Living Room

A traditional design style feels comfortable for any age group. It makes a space feel timeless, calm, and classic. This style is quite flexible and can be mixed with other interior design styles to create a unique look. It is luxurious comfort.

Traditional and formal design styles have some similar characteristics; the two styles use symmetrical and vertical lines in the design layout. The difference between a traditional and formal style is that the first one is slightly toned down and incorporates some characteristics of the casual style in the design elements, such as horizontal lines.

Traditional Style Living Room

Here are some of the elements used in the traditional design style:

  • Accessories such as table lamps, sconces, plants, artwork, candleholders, and vases are often displayed in pairs.
  • Furniture pieces are placed in pairs and are centered in the room.
  • Pairs of design objects are typically arranged in balanced symmetry.

  • Furniture pieces used in the traditional design style are usually made from dark wood such as cherry, maple, mahogany, oak, or walnut.
  • Hardwood floors are a favorite choice for a traditional designed room. The hardwood floor can be covered with a carpet or area rug under the furniture pieces.
  • Fabrics and textiles (like damask) are popular in traditional interior design and can contain patterns such as florals, solid colors, stripes, geometrics, and small prints.

Traditional Style Living Room

  • Walls in a traditional design style room are usually painted with neutral colors schemes.
  • Ceilings in a traditional design style are frequently white in color and may have simple beams or classic mouldings, which are not overly detailed.
  • Light fixtures should have a traditional look. The light shades should be plain and white or ivory in colour.
  • Window coverings such as traverse draperies are usually used in a traditional style room.

Recognizing the elements of the traditional design style in the living room pictured below:

Traditional Style Living Room

The traditional style living room pictured above has a calm comfortable and organized appearance. The layout of this room is symmetrical and vertical. Furniture and accessories in the room are arranged in identical matched pairs of two, highlighting the fireplace as the focal point of the room. The furniture pieces are laid out on a straight axes and form perpendicular lines. The room uses a yellow and light beige color scheme and soft lighting, which gives the room a dramatic feel. The area rug brings all of the colors in this living room together. The furniture in this room does not have elaborate details such as tassels and fringes and the ceiling has basic mouldings.

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