Easy to Make DIY Christmas Garland

Nicely decorated Christmas tree next to a fireplace with a DIY garland.

Garlands are one of the most traditional decorations you can have in your home during the festive Christmas holiday season. Garlands are the perfect addition to your home décor for the holidays whether they are made from natural or faux materials.

Garlands add charm to your home holiday décor. They add a festive touch to any space and make your home look attractive and welcoming. There are so many different ways to use garlands. You can hang them on walls, over staircase railings, frame them over doorways, and on dining room tables. They are a charming addition to your Christmas décor. You can add them to the fireplace mantle to highlight your fireplace and to draw attention to your Christmas stockings, and to enhance the focal point of your living room.

Who says a holiday Christmas garland has to be store bought when you can just simply create one yourself. There are so many different ways that you can make your own garland and match it to any décor theme that you may have in mind, or to your existing home design style and color scheme.

Do you have leftover decorations from your craft projects? Before you throw out your old decorations, think about re-using them. Repurpose your discarded decorations and make them into something unique.  I re-used my leftover decorations to make a beautiful holiday garland and a Christmas wreath.


Holiday garland and Christmas decorations.

If you have some old plain garlands that need a little sprucing up, get out your hot glue gun and give them a new festive makeover with your leftover decorations. Do it yourself (DIY) garlands will save you money, will reduce your environmental footprint, and will add a festive feel to your home during the holiday season.

Supplies Needed:

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
  • Florist wire
  • 4 Plain thin artificial garlands 
  • Artificial Red berries
  • Scissors
  • Holiday Ornaments
  • Flower clips 
  • Tiny pine cones 

If you don't already have these items they're easy to find online or at your favorite craft store. 

Using the hot glue gun attach the four thin garlands together. Now you get to add the small ornaments. Pick ornaments that will go with the rest of your holiday décor. Place the garland in the area you will be using it before adding any ornaments to make sure the placement looks right. Add floral clips, Christmas ornaments, artificial red berries, pine cones or other accessories you may like such as ribbons or lights to your garland to create a unique addition to your home holiday decor. Make sure to attach anything breakable securely with florist wire or a glue gun. 

In this video I’m going to show you how to create a beautiful holiday Christmas garland. This festive DIY Christmas garland is inexpensive and a fun craft activity for kids. I made it with my 5 year old daughter Angelina on Tiktok.

This activity is a great way to keep your kids occupied and to help them feel involved in decorating your home for the holiday season. 

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